Products Designed For Men

Our products are designed by professional barbers, who understand the simplicity in what works. Our products have been created with one key focus... simplicity in self grooming.

Meet The Founder & CEO

Marrico is a Mississippi native who became a barber at the age of 12. In 2005, Marrico realized he had a higher purpose to serve his country. Marrico joined the US Navy, and honorably served for 10 years. After serving his country, Marrico realigned his focus to his one true passion in life, cutting hair.


In 2010, Marrico became a professional barber, opening his own beauty and barber salon. After quickly becoming a recognized industry leader, Marrico now teaches others inspiring to become professional barbers at his beauty and barber school named CNS Beauty Academy. We do 4MAS.

If You Can Brush It...

You Can Cut It!

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