Inside the CutBrush


Few important point


A few important points

  • Use daily or every other day to maintain hair length.

  • Ensure comb attachment is locked in place.

  • Use to trim the hair.

  • Keep battery charged.

  • Keep blades lubricated.

  • Use bristles only when trimming the hair.

  • Remove bristles to cut the hair in bulk.

  • Use brush slowly.

  • Cut the hair with or without the Grain.

  • To prevent clogging, do not cut the hair with excessive grease on the hair.

  • Do not use bristles on brush to cut an excessive amount of hair.

  • Do not use guard that is not fully attached to blade.

  • Do not brush the hair too fast while cutting.

Self-Grooming Made Easy

Time is money. The CutBrush saves you both. Our innovative design combines a hair clipper and hairbrush all into one powerful tool. 

Main Body

Powered by a lithium-ion battery attaches handle & bristles


Removable bristles | 100% nylon | Easy cleaning


Detachable ambidextrous design

Comb Attachments

Multi-size attachments included, 2mm thru 6mm. Find your desired hair length.


An inside look at the CutBrush

If You Can Brush It...

You Can Cut It!

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