The CutBrush is the first and only grooming system to combine a hairbrush and hair trimmer into the total "do it yourself" device.

The Don't Be That Guy Initiative

You know that feeling when you'r giving yourself a touch up, and holding the trimmers feels completely  awkward.  

Now it's a thing of the past!

That's right, we solved the issue. With the CutBrush, giving yourself a touch up is as simple as brushing your hair. 

Wait a minute... it gets even better!

Everyone loves saving money. By giving yourself a quality, honest touch up, you can limit your visits to your barber. Stay looking fresh all the time. Have a special occasion that you forgot about? With the CutBrush you can look fresh within minutes!

Checkout this review of the CutBrush

"If You Can Brush It, You Can Cut It"

What Our Customers Say

"The brush is very Convenient for trimming purposes... a quick way to groom yourself .. I like this product a lot and I believe its going to get more advanced than it already is."

Tevin Duplush

If You Can Brush It...

You Can Cut It!

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