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Beard or No Beard

If you’re a man with a scruffy beard, women may just be running away. That’s according to a 2018 survey, where 43% of women said they wouldn’t pay any attention to a scruffy bearded man. What about a clean, trimmed beard? Of all the women interviewed, the ones who said yes to a beard almost exclusively prefer it to be trimmed neatly. How does this relate to looking professional in business? Could such a small grooming style really determine how likely you are to get a promotion, or land that next big sale? Let’s do a deep dive into this exciting topic.

A well-kept beard, or stubble is all the rave. This is best achieved with a reliable beard trimmer. Consider this for an interesting fact, women that prefer clean looking beards say that their more likely to break the ice and make the first move. Women that were interviewed say that a beard makes a man look mature, powerful, and manly.

Now this is where things get interesting. Does having a beard give you an advantage in business. Our team set out to find the answers. We reviewed data collected from numerous surveys. A study published in the Journal of Marketing Communications gave us immediate insight. The study revealed that a well-manicured beard gives the impression of experience and trust. When we combine this with the above perception of maturity, power, and manliness, it creates one powerful recipe for success. Today, people are busier than ever. Keeping your hair manicured can be difficult. Products like 4MAS’s CutBrush, Trimmers, and Shavers give you powerful tools at your fingertips. These products are designed from user input and deliver results. You can now become a 4MAS site member for free and enjoy exclusive discounts. Click here to become a member.

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