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CutBrush for Military Personnel

Why is it perfect for any man in the military?

Soldiers in the military have enough on their plate to worry about, and self-grooming shouldn't have to be another hassle. Lugging around a hair brush, comb, hair clipper, several guards, scissors, long charging cord, and a clipper cleaning brush can make things harder than what it's worth. Haircuts done by a licensed barber may come few and far between, and may be undesirable to a soldier's needs.

That is where the beauty and functionality of the 4MAS CutBrush comes into play. The CutBrush is the first and only grooming system to combine a hairbrush and hair trimmer into a total "do it yourself" device. It is a battery-operated trimmer with detachable nylon bristles for brushing and a customizable handle for left-and-right-handed men. The detachable parts make for a very easy cleanup without the need for a clipper cleaning brush, and it comes with five clipper guards to achieve any length.

The unique features of the CutBrush are what makes it especially perfect for any military soldier. Having all things necessary for hair care in one, durable product makes for the most convenient cut and cleanup. The lithium ion battery makes the CutBrush able to stand up to everyday use and eliminates the need for frequent barber visits. It takes what was a time consuming process and turns it into a simple, one step style that can easily be implemented into a man's daily routine. The stainless steel blade and 100% waterproof guarantee makes it even easier for a soldier to take along in the shower.

The CutBrush is a great tool for any man that is looking for simplicity and function. 4MAS is especially proud of creating a product that benefits military personnel. That is why they are offering the CutBrush for $54.99 when you join 4MAS as a site member by clicking here.

If You Can Brush It...

You Can Cut It!

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