Why First Impressions Matter

Updated: Feb 24, 2019

Let’s talk about why men’s hairstyle is so important with first impressions.

You get only one first impression. This is true with practically anything in life, and especially true with job interviews, business meetings, and dating. How big of a factor does your hairstyle play into all of this? That’s what we’re going to talk about in this months blog.

Before we start talking about hairstyle and grooming, you need to understand the basics of what’s going on psychological. A sequence known as the halo effect is behind the judgement of first impressions. This perceptive effect takes the positive qualities in one thing, and applies similar qualities to other related things. Let us give you an example. You walk into a job interview looking sharp. Your hairstyle is extremely well groomed. More times than not, a positive perceptive thought will emerge that’s attributed to your other qualities. The interviewer may think, well if this guy takes care of his personal appearance at such a high level, it’s only natural he does the same about his professional work. Now it may not be that exact thought, but it’ll be something close. Let’s think about the opposite of this for a second. The job seeker arrives at an interview with hair completely ungroomed, and clothes disheveled. How well do you think the first impression will be?

Studies tell us that well groomed hair of any kind projects a perception of confidence. Our men’s grooming products here at 4MAS are primarily designed for men with short hair, so that’s where our focus will take us. Why is the appearance of confidence so important to display? In business, confidence shows that you can easily negotiate deals with a higher probability of success. Imagine just before you go into an important business meeting, your able to quickly give yourself a professional haircut. That’s what our CutBrush is purposed for. You get both a hair clipper and hairbrush in one powerful tool. Nicely groomed short hair is also one of the best neutral, professional men’s hairstyles. No matter your environment, you can never really go wrong with the look. One type of hairstyle may be ok in one setting, but not the other.

The key takeaway here is that your hairstyle speaks volumes about your overall personality. If short hair is your thing, then perfect it. Stay educated on hair products that give you that extra boost of confidence, like our Magical Treatment hair product that quickly restores soft hair.

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