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The Importance of Self-Grooming

Updated: Apr 26

Why do men need to worry about their appearance anyway?

Keeping facial hair looking fresh is a constant issue that many men battle with between their professional and personal lives. A man’s physical appearance can be completely transformed just by their hairstyle and facial hair. I’m also sure most men can relate to a nagging wife/girlfriend pressuring them into trimming or shaving their beard.

Clean cut and well-groomed facial hair is almost essential in today’s professional setting. Your appearance is the first impression you give to your co-workers and clients. That is why it is taken so seriously, especially in the professional work field. Companies expect their employees to represent the company with a sharp, clean cut appearance.

You decide, which beard looks better?

The best way to achieve that look is to maintain an equal length beard by using a quality trimmer with guard options catered to your style, and shaving any patchy hair you may have on your neck and cheeks will complete your overall appearance. 4MAS Grooming has all the tools necessary to achieve a clean cut look and it can be done with ease by using the Precision Trimmers, and any selection of 4MAS Shavers.

Self-grooming is important for your appearance, hygiene, and self-confidence. Not only do employers prefer a well-groomed man, but so do the majority of women. A clean shave or well-kept beard is more appealing to women, for sanitary and personal reasons. There have been various claims stating that men’s beards carry more bacteria than dog fur. Being in constant contact with bacteria all day isn’t very comforting for a man or his wife to know. Often times, a scraggly beard is a reflection of overall poor hygiene and with 4MAS’s quality products a fresh appearance is easily attainable.

If You Can Brush It...

You Can Cut It!

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