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Cutting With The Grain

Cutting the hair with the grain literally means that the hair is being cut in the direction of its natural flow. This particular haircutting technique is typically for hair with wave patterns, but can also be used for hair without wave pattern.

Cutting Against The Grain

This is considered the easiest way to cut the hair and is usually used when fading the hair. It is also the method employed when cutting hair that has many directional patterns, which makes it sometimes difficult to cut with the grain. This method is recommended for extremely short length when using the CutBrush. 

"Simplicity In Your Hand"

Using the CutBrush

  • Attach the desired comb attachment to the cutting blade. Begin to brush the hair in the natural flow of the hair if cutting with the grain is preferred.

  • Brush the hair in the same direction that you would normally brush it.

  • If there are any whorls within the natural flow of the hair, remove the comb attachment and then the bristles. Then place a bigger size comb attachment on the blade and go against the grain of the hair (the opposite direction of the hair natural flow).

If You Can Brush It...

You Can Cut It!

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